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A collaborative partnership established in 2008 with artist Jo Volley, allows the subsuming and exploration of shared interests, which include working with installation, projection and sound, and with the poetics of site, material, measurement.

‘A lovely dual-imagination at work between media, scales and dimensions, intellectually clear and uncluttered. A meeting of good and vibrant minds, not afraid of beauty as fact or idea.’  
Mel Gooding, 2009

‘Sea Diptych’, 2012
2 circles, each 12.7cmD, Iron Gall Ink, Silver, Gold on Ply

‘The Bridge of Sighs’, 2010, gold leaf and photographic projection.
Installed at City Methodologies, Slade Research Centre, London

   ‘spaces/places/senses/places//senses/spaces’, 2009, Visual Arts Centre, Portsmouth, Virginia, USA  
'Ich Bin Der Welt Abhanden Gekommen', 2009, gold leaf and photographic projection



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