Photographic works

Di Paolo Blue Wilderness, 2018, 50x36cm, digital image, oil on clay

Magic Lantern: Cumulus Formation, 2018, 44x38x91cm,
lenticular image, found museum display case

Diorama Series (1-4), 2018, 95x65cm, c-type digital print

(Don’t) fall on me, Arena Chapel, 2016, 500cm D, digital image on silk, polyester rope, industrial fan

Spectre, 2013, (including Searching for Lorenzetti, installation Clearwell Caves), dims varied, HDV projection 10mins (loop)

Space and Time (Mesdag), 2016, 62x31cm, digital phorograph on acetate 

All Figure, No Ground (Scheveningen), No.1, 2016, 98x49cm, digital photograph on paper

Brunelleschi's Experiment, 2015, dims varied, silvered gesso panel, artist's easel, HDV and projector, plinth

After-Image, Arena Chapel, 2015, 175x243cm, digital animation, pigment on paper, wood, acrylic dish

                             Aperture, 2014, 160cm D, photographic prints

Titan, Removed, 2013,  dimensions variable, digitally produced slide projection

© Henrietta Simson 2018
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