Painted works                                                                                                                                               

Artificial Snow, 2018, 132x153cm, oil on canvas
Baume / Balm, (Giotto’s Return), 2018, 117x112cm, oil on canvas
Snow Dome with Firs, 2018, 137x152cm, oil on canvas

The Cloud, Future Value, 2017, 107x96cm,
oil, spray paint, metal leaf on gesso panels

Bodies Without Surfaces, 2018, 167x78cm,
oil on linen

Giotto's Wilderness (Maddalena's Cave), 2014, 20x18x14cm,
oil on clay on glass

Heterotopia, 2011, 210x40cm, width variable, wood, canvas, gesso and pigment and A4 photocopy
© Henrietta Simson 2018
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